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Purchase of SpyStealth

This policy regulates your purchase of SpyStealth. We advise you read it prior to making your order. By buying SpyStealth you consent to these terms and conditions.


Refund Conditions can provide you the right to completely refund your purchase if you're unhappy with it. However, simply contacting our Customer Support is certain that refunding will be avoided.

Refund Conditions

It's possible for you to send your refund request to support@spystealth.com within the period of time specified by your subscription plan. If that refund window is expired - no refund will be processed. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED IN THE EVENT THE APPLICATION IS USED WHATSOEVER. YOU ARE GOING TO BE GIVEN ONE LICENSE KEY FOLLOWING YOUR PURCHASE. REFUND IS NOT GOING TO TAKE PLACE IN THE EVENT THE CLIENT WILL NOT UPGRADE TO THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF OUR APPLICATION.

SpyStealth program has to be set up on the mobile device you want to monitor. Without installing this program, the software is not going to work.

In the event you would like to track an iPad or an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it.

SpyStealth application is not going to function with Windows Mobile or any other unsupported devices. Android cell phones must be rooted by you for Viber, Instagram, e-mail, Skype and Facebook features to function.

Unconditionally Stated

In situations where reasons for refunds are totally out of our control, no refund will be granted to SpyStealth customers. They are the following:

1. The mobile device you want to install the program on doesn't have access to the internet.

2. You upgrade the OS on the device that SpyStealth is installed on.

3. Resetting the mobile device to the factory settings.

4. If you are not following setup guidelines or do not follow steps outlined by our support team.

5. You do not have physical access to the target smartphone in order to install the app.

6. If customer failed to get previous data because SpyStealth application had not been installed on that device.

7. If target mobile device is operating on Bada OS, Windows Phone OS or some other OS which isn't listed on the Compatibility page.

8. Any personal reasons (customer changed his mind, etc).

9. Customer is unable to jailbreak or root the target device.

10. If customer cannot perform troubleshooting measures by following our customer support’s guidelines.

11. iCloud tracking is the only way of remotely tracking the iOS device, but it relies on the device being backed up to the cloud, therefore, it is not a real-time tracking solution, in some cases it might take 1-3 days for the phone to back up and our service to get decrypt the information.

12. If iCloud credentials are changed after or in the middle of process of adding the device to your control panel.

Refund Procedure

Send your refund request to support@spystealth.com. Refund requests must be sent directly to the email. Refund requests are processed within 2-3 business days.