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SpyStealth provide this privacy policy to inform readers about the privacy practices in place for the operation of web sites by SpyStealth. The ways in which private information is collected and used by SpyStealth is described below. The options provided for collection and use are described, as well as how this information can be accessed and updated.


Two types of information are collected and used by SpyStealth, which are personally identifiable information and aggregate tracking and site usage information. Personally identifiable information is information that is voluntarily provided upon registration to a website, when ordering products from a website or upon entering areas of the website as noted below. Aggregate tracking and site usage information is automatically collected when the web site is accessed. Agreeing to this privacy policy permits SpyStealth to collect and use the data provided through accessing the web sites, through registration and through any orders placed. All personally identifiable information collected by SpyStealth is used within the company, and will not be passed onto third parties for use, with the exception of SpySteath business service providers, as explained below. All information is safeguarded to keep it private.


We highly recommend reading the privacy policy of all websites that you visit prior to submitting any personal information. The privacy policy of all website links provided on our page will differ slightly, as there are not all operated by SpyStealth, and we do not take any responsibility for the information provided on other websites..

Personally identifiable info provided by you

Certain websites operated by SpyStealth require registration before you are able to access all of the information provided on the web page, though anyone can access our websites. The include, but are not exclusive to, email newsletters, sweepstakes, participating on message boards or forums, completing reader surveys and placing advertisements online. When requesting permissions to complete any of the above mentioned tasks, we will require a certain amount of personal information, which may include, but is not exclusive to, names, mailing addresses and a valid email address. Upon providing this information, we have permission to send you a welcome email to the email address provided, and may send you any information that may relate to your account, including any enquiries made. Our method of communication will be determined by you, where possible, whether this is by email or post. If, for any reason, you decline to provide us with the information required to access the information on our websites, we can decline your access or withhold certain information and features offered.

No volunteered information will be collected and transferred to a third party, unless you have consented to the information being passed on. All information collected will be for in-house use only, unless stated otherwise. Where a password is needed to access your account on our websites, we advise you to ensure that you sign out of the web page, and close the web browser, once you have finished, especially if the page has been accessed on a shared computer. We also believe that all possible measures should be taken by yourself to ensure that any password used is not passed onto any other individual. These safety measures will ensure that your password and accounts are not misused. You are responsible for the protection of any password required to access certain websites. Where contact details are used to send you relevant information, including email addresses collected from third party companies for promotional purposes, we offer an opt out. You can opt out of receiving the promotional information by ticking the appropriate box, where possible, by clicking the link in the email received or by contacting us directly as instructed below

Information which is collected automatically: Cookies

Cookies are small files that are collected by your web browser for future use. These are stored onto your computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. These cookies will provide us with automatically generated information as you click on and access multiple web sites. Cookies allow us to access information from your web browser so that we are able to track user trends successfully. Preference information is provided by cookies when completing forms online, by providing us with recently used information, which prevents the user from having to manually re-enter regularly used data.

Pixel tags are single pixel images, also known as transparent GIFs, clear GIFs or web beacons. These may also be used by SpyStealth to access cookies and complete a user count for websites operated by us. This allows us to collect and document usage data for websites and opened emails. The data collected will then be used to analyze trends, track user movement and administer the site, allowing us to improve our websites as and when needed. This data may include, but is not exclusive to, IP addresses, time spent on particular websites and pages accessed on particular websites. The information collected in this manner is not personally identifiable data. Although we do not pass our users details onto third party companies, third party advertisers will have access to your computer’s cookies and may collect information from our websites in the manner stated above. The information collected through the cookies will differ, depending on the company, and we advise that you read their privacy policy to fully understand their reasons for accessing your data. We are not responsible for the use of information by any third party. However, most companies will collect the data for their own personal use, such as to check which provided advertisements are effective.

Other collected Information

All aggregate information collect, including, but not exclusive to, your age, education level or household income, will not be shared with any third party in a way that identifies you as an individual. The only reason for sharing such information, in a way that would identify you as an individual, will be for legal reasons, as described below.

Legal Matters

All information provided to SpyStealth through the use of the websites we operate will be kept private, and will not be passed on to any third party companies. However, due to certain requirements, we might have to pass on your details when required to do so by law. Information that may need to be disclosed due to legal reasons includes, but is not limited to, your account details, recorded information that is stored in our database and the content of your communications. We may be required to release this information in order to enforce and investigate violations or fraudulent activities, to comply with the law or legal processes, or to protect the property, rights or safety of SpyStealth as a company, our employees, customers or members of the public. By accepting this privacy policy, you agree to us passing on your information if required to do so by law. If there is a change in control of SpyStealth, including, but not exclusive to, company liquidation, a merger or sale of the company and its publishing properties, all information gathered through our websites will be passed on to the new owner or successor. All company changes are private to the company, and we are not required to advise customers of any alterations made. If, at any point, you wish to delete your information from our database or opt out of receiving promotional emails, please contact us in the method described below. All information provided to us, in relation to your SpyStealth account, will be deleted from our system after three months for security reasons. However, these archived logs can be downloaded at a later stage, if needed.


As previously stated, if you wish to opt out of email advertisements, please click the link on the relevant email or contact us in the method provided below. Please be aware, it can take up to 30 days from receipt of the email for information to be removed from our systems. All changes made to your personal information must be done so in the method provided below.


Although we encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their child’s internet usage, to help enforce privacy policies provided by the websites that they can access, we will never knowingly collect information from any person under the age of 18. Our websites are not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18.


SpyStealth keep all collected data on a system that is protected by firewalls that are only available to limited personnel. All employees of SpyStealth are requested to follow the rules as stated in this privacy policy, and not permitted to use the information provided for any reason, other than those stated within this document. Upon realisation that any employee is misusing the information provided by our customers will be subject to discipline, including criminal prosecution and the termination of employment. On all of our websites, we have security hardware and software in place to safeguard all information collected through the processes mentioned above. We also work with third party companies who are asked to use encryption in order to ensure that all information provided is kept confidential. Although we will enforce regulations in order to protect your information, no method of online transmission can be declared as 100% secure. For this reason, we can not guarantee the security of information provided to us over the internet.


All of our policies, including the privacy policy, are subject to change. We are not required to notify our customers of any changes made, but all changes will be posted onto our websites at the earliest possible convenience, and all customers using the website will be prompted to access and read the updated policy. All of the policies provided by us will be dated at the time of release, so that you can ensure that you have access to the most updated policy. Any changes made to the privacy policy may affect the information provided to us, or collected by us. Any changes and the way in which this will affect the information collected will be detailed in the updated privacy policy document. Alterations made include the way in which data is collect, or our information disclosure policies. If, for any reason, you object to the alterations made to our privacy policies, please contact us in the method provided below. Please be aware that any information already collected by our company is covered by the updated version of our policy, and by providing the information, you agree to our privacy policies.


In order to ask any questions, or make an enquiries, regarding the privacy policy stated in this document, please contact us via email at info@spystealth.com, using only Re: Privacy Policy as the email title. If you would like to alter the information that you have provided to us, or if you would like to be removed from our database, please email us at info@spystealth.com