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Will I get a delivery or shipping package to my address?

No, You are purchasing an electronic product which is delivered via download link sent to your email address.

Am I able to get Customer Support?

Our Customer Care deals with issues or any queries concerning the product. You get help at any time and can ask them practically anything. Contact us in Livechat or via phone.

Do I have to install the application on the phone I would like to track ?

Yes. Physical access is a must, but it will take you less than 5 minutes total.

Can I install SpyStealth Remotely ?

No, SpyStealth has to be installed directly on the target phone manually. Installation process is less than 5 minutes and does not require you to be a tech savvy.

Can I monitor an iPhone without Jailbreak ?

No. Jailbreak is required in order to install SpyStealth on the device.

Do I have to root Android target phone?

Root is not needed for basic features such as GPS tracking, call / SMS tracking. But for more advanced features such as Social Media tracking, App tracking - you will need to root the device.

Is the location of the target device shown on a real map?

Yes it is! Google Maps GPS program makes it a lot easier to work with Cell phone tracking.

How long does it take to install SpyStealth?

It will take less than 5 minutes to install the phone tracking software.

The contact number has changed. Will the cell phone tracking software still function after that?

Yes, SpyStealth will still work if the number on target device was changed.

Do I need to reinstall SpyStealth if the mobile device number is changed?

No, There is no need to reinstall the app.

Will there be a time limit for this application to work?

SpyStealth will work automatically in the background mode as soon as you install the app. In order to get info from target device - you will need to have a valid and active licence key.

How many devices can I monitor with this tracking phone app?

You can monitor one device per each purchase. You will need to get additional licences, if you would like to monitor more than one phone.

Is The Internet connection needed on the mobile device?

Internet access is required to transfer the information from the phone to your control panel.

Where is all the data from target phone stored?

It's encrypted and saved on your control panel and only have complete access. You can delete all information at any time with a simple click.

Do I need to know the phone number of the target mobile device?

There is no need for phone number. As soon as you download and install the app - you are good to start tracking it.

Will there be a delay in the GPS tracking?

You set the interval for GPS and other data uploading to your account in the settings of your control panel.